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Upgrade options from front Bilstein 5100 shocks

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I currently have 5100's on the middle setting with stock springs. Have had them for about 50k miles, mostly pavement with one trek through Death Valley and some trips to the off road park. I drive 90% on pavement. I wish they had more rebound damping, I'm sure on the low setting they are perfect, but then I'd lose my ~ 1" of lift. And I'd really like 1.5" of lift, but then it will just ride worse.

I'm contemplating the OME lift coilover package (90003 shocks with OME medium springs) from nisstec $626 plus shipping preassembled as a replacement/ugrade from the bilsteins. They have good reviews for ride and yield the amount of lift I'm looking for. Although, this puts me close to the price range of the Nisstec MK84 $725 and Nisstec adjustable coilover $750. And from here you can go Radflos, but then I'd looking to get new UCA's and that's out of my budget and overkill for my uses.

What are your thoughts on upgrade options for 1.5" lift in the front?

Truck: 2005 KC Nismo, rear suspension is Bilstein 5100's w/ PRG shackles on lowest setting.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, the truck continues to bounce after a sharp hit. Granted, right now the shocks are fairly worn so it's exaggerated. But, even when new I felt similarly.
Thank you for the insight, less preload on the spring and then adding a spacer, that makes a lot of sense and is very economical!
I appreciate all the input. Whistler's suggestion of lowest perch and spacers is something I hadn't even thought of. It's an option to buy 5100's again and set them up this way and save some money.

Durangofrontier is correct in that in that I was/am looking for a complete kit to bolt on that would be an upgrade. Looks like he's been down the same path and experienced the same thing. ---> I'm very interested in your review of the OME 90003 with medium coils. Please share your thoughts and comparisons to the 5100's once you have them installed!
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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