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Upgrade options from front Bilstein 5100 shocks

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I currently have 5100's on the middle setting with stock springs. Have had them for about 50k miles, mostly pavement with one trek through Death Valley and some trips to the off road park. I drive 90% on pavement. I wish they had more rebound damping, I'm sure on the low setting they are perfect, but then I'd lose my ~ 1" of lift. And I'd really like 1.5" of lift, but then it will just ride worse.

I'm contemplating the OME lift coilover package (90003 shocks with OME medium springs) from nisstec $626 plus shipping preassembled as a replacement/ugrade from the bilsteins. They have good reviews for ride and yield the amount of lift I'm looking for. Although, this puts me close to the price range of the Nisstec MK84 $725 and Nisstec adjustable coilover $750. And from here you can go Radflos, but then I'd looking to get new UCA's and that's out of my budget and overkill for my uses.

What are your thoughts on upgrade options for 1.5" lift in the front?

Truck: 2005 KC Nismo, rear suspension is Bilstein 5100's w/ PRG shackles on lowest setting.

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By needing more rebound damping,does the truck continue to bounce after you hit a sharp bump? Or does the suspension feel soft and mushy after hitting a gradual dip?
By going to a lower settings,you are lessening the compression of the spring at ride height making for a softer ride.Is that what you want
but not lose ride height?
Sorry for all the questions but we need more information to determine your best option.
If it continues to bounce after a sharp hit you need more rebound like you said.
If the ride was acceptable when you first did the suspension work,then maybe you just need new shocks.
If by going to a lower setting and are happy with the ride than couldn't you just use a spacer?
If you want to get more rebound then purchase valveable shocks.These shocks are more expensive than what you have and will take a lot of experimenting.Not recommended unless you know a shock tuner.
To many variables in the systems you mentioned.They may work for you or again they may not.Lot of money to risk.
I would try going to spacers first.Less than a $100 bucks.
I am no suspension expert by no means. Just my opinion.
I would measure the height of the truck as it sits now. Put it on the lower setting and measure the difference. The difference would determine what size spacers you will need.You probably New that but just in case you didn't.
Since he said that his 5100 Bilsteins are on the middle setting, they must be adjustable Bilsteins.
They use OEM springs so they had to be installed.I assumed he did it himself (one reason, he understood rebound).
If he doesn't have a spring compressor, you can rent one cheap.
If he can remove the shocks, it would take less than 10 minutes to adjust them at any decent brake and alignment shop.
Not to throw salt into the wound but either way, it is a whole lot cheaper than $420 with no guarantee it will do what you want.
Will someone please tell me the spring rate of a medium OME spring?
I The ride is pretty good, but sometimes too mushy and other times to harsh although I attribute some of this to a larger tire that weighs 60lbs. it's time to think long term... titan swap?

Radflo's sound cool but I hear they have quirks... I like the stock style of the kit your looking at.
Unfortunately,trying to attain a good working suspension in many different conditions,is difficult if not impossible using off the shelf systems.
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I was being facetious,is that the word? The point I was trying to make is that "medium"coil means nothing to me.
When I started building the truck(2007),I never even thought about asking questions on the internet.
I had no clue what the approximate stock spring rate was. I could not start designing anything till I knew that.
Thought and thought about it till I figured out a solution. Once I knew that,along with the corner weights,at least I could give that information to the engineers at King and Fox.
Yes,a heavier tire(unsprung weight)will effect how your suspension reacts. You can compensate for that also.Had to figure out how to determine what that was also.
I had to figure out things for myself besides I like doing it.
The word I was looking for was sarcastic.
Those spring rate seems low.
I looked over the Nisstec website and checked out those 9003 shocks.
They are non-adjustable,right?
I still don't know what you are getting.
Just read Nisstec description of the 5100 adjustable shocks.Said they are ideal for hauling,occasional off roading with maintaining an exceptional street ride.
Sounds great but look how it turned out.
Personally with the Bilsteins at least you have some adjustability.
I have never used spacers but with stock struts and a small raise would be the way to go.
Ok,I am done ranting.
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