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Upgrade options from front Bilstein 5100 shocks

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I currently have 5100's on the middle setting with stock springs. Have had them for about 50k miles, mostly pavement with one trek through Death Valley and some trips to the off road park. I drive 90% on pavement. I wish they had more rebound damping, I'm sure on the low setting they are perfect, but then I'd lose my ~ 1" of lift. And I'd really like 1.5" of lift, but then it will just ride worse.

I'm contemplating the OME lift coilover package (90003 shocks with OME medium springs) from nisstec $626 plus shipping preassembled as a replacement/ugrade from the bilsteins. They have good reviews for ride and yield the amount of lift I'm looking for. Although, this puts me close to the price range of the Nisstec MK84 $725 and Nisstec adjustable coilover $750. And from here you can go Radflos, but then I'd looking to get new UCA's and that's out of my budget and overkill for my uses.

What are your thoughts on upgrade options for 1.5" lift in the front?

Truck: 2005 KC Nismo, rear suspension is Bilstein 5100's w/ PRG shackles on lowest setting.

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As an owner of bilstein 5100 front struts I know exactly where you are coming from. Mine are on the 1.5" setting and although most of the time on the road they are just fine, over bumps or gravel roads its horrible. They have very little rebound control as in they violently slosh you side to side. They are rough on down travel and then too soft and uncontrolled on up travel. I have ordered the OME 90003 struts and MD duty coils for my truck for $420 shipped and they are in my garage waiting to be installed along with the matching medium duty leaf springs. I should have these installed in the next week or two and can let you know what I think. Honestly cant be any worse than it is now. I researched everything and landed on the OME package, seemed like the best for what I need. Highway, mountain passes and lots of light offroad/gravel roads. Will see how it goes but I'm assuming it will be decently better
I would measure the height of the truck as it sits now. Put it on the lower setting and measure the difference. The difference would determine what size spacers you will need.You probably New that but just in case you didn't.
I could be wrong but I assume since the OP was going to buy the New struts and coils pre assembled that possibly he doesn't have access to a spring compressor or doesn't want to do the labor himself? That would make lowering the current 5100's a decent pain or expensive if he decides to do something different.
Okay yea that all makes sense. To each their own for sure, If I had 50k miles on my struts and wanted to change the lift I would probably go ahead and get new struts. The lift and suspension stuff gets confusing so much to think about. Im sure lowest perch and spacers will be just fine for him
Unfortunately,trying to attain a good working suspension in many different conditions,is difficult if not impossible using off the shelf systems.

I know I've seen the spring rates in one of the OME posts but couldn't find it. Very true about not finding a perfect setup off the shelf for multiple uses. I think the 5100 adjustable lift probably satisfies most who use it. I still think it's a great, low buck option that does improve ride quality over worn out stock struts.

If there was only one suspension option for the frontier and it worked perfectly for everything what would be the fun in that? Oh and also for the titan swap people I think Greg has a new front suspension option using bilstein 5100 and the eibach springs for around $600. Should be more reliable than radflos.

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