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Update SD card for maps

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Has anyone updated the SD card for maps after purchasing the new SD card from Nissan?
I looked in the manual and didn't find where it is located.
Is this something that MUST be done at the dealer?
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They stated the MRSP was $149, if you purchase by a certain date you can purchase for $99. My bottom line was $99 plus s&h $3.95 and sales tax $10.04=$112.99
Whether or not I was ripped off-the update is installed and working. Will see if I can tell a difference when I travel.
I'm glad Google Maps updates are free! Sure, the display may be larger on the radio verses a smartphone. But $113.00 seriously??? The benefits of the update in no way justify the huge expense. Especially when the map software on your smartphone (if you have one) is more current.
Lesson learned for me on the Nissan updating :(
Are you saying I can download Google Maps to my truck?
If so, how?
Nope, didn't say that. I'm not familiar with the Nissan Connect system and don't know if your truck has it. But if so, there may be a way to use the app from your phone. If nothing else, if the phone is paired via Bluetooth to the radio, when using the map software on the phone, the directions should be heard over the audio system of the truck and not the tiny phone speaker(s).
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