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Update SD card for maps

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Has anyone updated the SD card for maps after purchasing the new SD card from Nissan?
I looked in the manual and didn't find where it is located.
Is this something that MUST be done at the dealer?
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Thank you robj80 for your reply.
I rec'vd a notification that my card needed updating last year, but did not update it then.
I thought since I am planning a trip this year, I might update it.
It is not something I plan on doing again fora while.
Thanx again
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I called the dealer while I waited for a reply to my original question and they quoted me a price of
$100 to install the SD card. WOW!! What a rip off! I went through the process all by myself and it
only took about 10 minutes max!
They stated the MRSP was $149, if you purchase by a certain date you can purchase for $99. My bottom line was $99 plus s&h $3.95 and sales tax $10.04=$112.99
Whether or not I was ripped off-the update is installed and working. Will see if I can tell a difference when I travel.
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Lesson learned for me on the Nissan updating :(
Are you saying I can download Google Maps to my truck?
If so, how?
Okay, thanx. I understand what you are saying.
Next time I get ready to go someplace I am going to try it.
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