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Selling a complete used front titan swap + rear Bilstein 5165 reservoir shocks for a second gen Xterra (or Frontier)
The parts were purchased new from PRG or sourced used from local dismantlers.
The kit is used and has about 8000 on-road miles and less than 100 off-road miles. I had installed these parts on my X in March of last year. I ran the Sourgrass trail a few times and Deer Valley trail once. Otherwise, it was my daily driver. The gears were installed less than 1000 miles ago. Then I rolled it at Moon Rocks this June. Insurance let me pull off whatever I wanted as long as we could eventually get it on a tow truck. So sad to see it leave.

This kit is nearly identical to what Greg's wife Jen is using on her Xterra. It's a +3" long travel suspension plus a 4" drop bracket lift so it increases the width of your front tires (more stability and more wheel travel) and increases the belly height (more ground clearance, fit larger tires more easily, better geometry of your axle shafts). You have the added benefit of using stronger drive train components from a Titan, namely a much stronger front diff and beefier axle shafts.

The control arms are still connected to the lift spindle to save on labor (both mine and yours).
For a complete suspension system, you'll need, in addition to these parts, 4.10 rear gears, 6x5.5 - 17+ inch wheelset (an adapter for the rear is recommended for a matching set), and a rear spring lift (either shackles +AAL or custom springs).


I priced out what you would pay if bought separately, not including labor. I'd like to get $3500 for everything. I think that's a fair price since the components have relatively few miles on them and the gears are barely broken in. They were installed by Sierra Gear and Axle in Rancho Cordova.

This listing was originally for the complete kit but I've started to part out. Here's what I'm selling for individual parts:
  • UCA: $400
  • LCA: $50
  • 6" Drop Bracket lift (crossmembers, spindles, hubs, brake rotors, calipers): $500
  • M205 (diff, gears, axle shafts): $700
  • Radflo Coilovers (22" eye to eye, 5" shaft showing - will not work without drop bracket): $1000
  • Bilstein 5165 (22 3/8" eye to eye, 8 1/4" shaft showing): $300

Local pick-up preferred. Else, buyer pays shipping. I can ship from work, saving you a couple bucks. Will not ship diff.

See images here:

  • The brake calipers have been shaved and I was able to fit 17" KMC wheels.
  • I recommend a steel front bumper and winch because the coilover springs are heavy.
  • The rotors have pitting on one side from not running the dust cover for 1/2 mile. Dust cover has since been installed and there are no problems braking. Was told resurfacing was an option but not necessary.

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Would you consider selling the M205 separately, as someone could still titan swap without it (they'd only need the QX80 front axles to retain the stock diff)
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