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Undercover tonneau install and rhino rack track

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Got tired of trying to get to stuff on my roof and always having dust in my truck bed when on camping trips and hunting trips so I ditched the roof rack and went with a tonneau. Decided to go with a Undercover Classic tonneau and a Rhino Rack track and rack system. Both installed pretty easily. The plan is to probably add a lightweight mesh tray that has lot's of quick detach points so that I can throw on my solar panel and lighter items when I want to and then take them off when I don't. I'll be adding some back up lights and my Rhino Rack Dome 1300 awning tomorrow.

Undercover sells a tonneau called the "Ridgelander" that costs $1600 or something like that and already has a track and load bars, but A: they don't sell it for the Frontier, and B: for about $700 you can get one of their other tonneau's and just add your own track and load bars to it. The Classic is touted to hold something like 580lbs or more, far more than you would ever want as a dynamic load on a tonneau anyways. Hope ya like it!


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Thats a great idea... I was originally going to go with a diamondback cover but thinking with such a short bed the undercover would work better for access... And that was my plan also to mount a rack system to it.. Thank you for the pics...
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