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unbelievable deal on monster wire

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so i found a deal on including 18' of 4 gauge monster wire, i thought, for 16 bucks probably not a bad deal.... here's what showed up!

18' 4 gauge
5' 8 gauge hot
5' 8 gauge ground
fuse holder
pwr distribution block
all the gold plated connectors/amp leads
zip ties
60 amp fuse

really unbvelievable price. it was 15.97 plus 6.05 for shipping for 23.34 shipped via fed ex ground to my door.


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Yup real deal Monster Cable..
I got the same kit but did "ship to store" which is FREE.

If anyone else wants one,
Monster® High-Performance 1000-Watt Multi-Amp Connection Kit -

I wanna get that $5.oo 1 farad cap tho'
nice find....a kit like that at a local stereo store would probably run you around $50!!
I just purchased the CSB-HPBAP-1000. I think it is the same as the 15 dollar one excpet it has RCA cables.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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