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Un-splice U Haul wiring harness?

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I've searched past posts and have seen some people who mention undoing what U Haul did to my wiring but no details on how to accomplish it. I'd like to do this the proper way and install the factory harness with all needed relays. Has anyone actually undone what U haul did and installed the factory harness? Can you offer some help on the undoing part? Thanks in advance.
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Since you neglected to add what year Frontier you have, makes it more difficult.

I have 2004 and 1998 Frontier, and I used a Hopkins #43515 kit which just plugged into my existing wiring connector under the rear of the bed, on passenger side. This kit not only included the 4-pin tow connector, but also had the converter for vehicles like Nissan which have separate brake and turn signal lights. So I would think a big outfit like U-Haul might have used a similar plug-in harness, and all you might need to do is disconnect that, and plug the stock connectors back together.
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