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U1000 code

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ok I know the code is just a grounding problem, but dealership just told me they cant fix it under waranty. so while I am installing my power locks and windows I was just going to fix this also. Does anyone know which grounds they are cleaning up and where they are? I know they were going to have to pull dash out but dont know where to look. Other option is they say my truck has a history of 4 times catching this so is it worth wile just to wait and see if it comes back?
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It may not be a problem at all. If you just cleared codes out of the ecu, that code can be present until the truck "self checks" everything. If thats not a case, you probably do have the can/bus error. Not very hard to fix, maybe 45 minutes tops. You will have to remove the instrument cluster completely. Once out, look inside the dash to the left side on the back of the horizontal brace. There is a major ground connection back there. Remove the screw holding it ot the brace, sand the area a bit, then reconnect and reassemble.
wow thanks they were going to charge me for 2 hours labor to do it. so I will just do it while I am installing the viper 5902 im about to order.
when i fix this concern at my dealer i clean where dash frame mounts to body in door jam. have to remove 3 plastic plugs and clean 3 bolts and holes on both sides of dash one at a time. usually that takes care of problem.
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