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tune up ?'s

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I have an '03 crew cab 4x4 with a non-s/c 3.3l and a 5 speed....
I would really appreciate any advise on what tune up essentials (plugs, wires, cap, rotor) might give me a boost in performance or at least mpg. I'm also looking into a cold air intake, throttle body spacer and exhaust if anyone has some insight I would be greatful.
It has 68,000 miles and is in great shape with the exception of a few places where the paint is peeling.


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it would deff give you better MPG's. and will give you more HP. its not that hard just be patient with it.
I was actually looking for brand/product specific information. You see, I had a 96 ford ranger w/4cyl and an automatic that I always used bosch platinum +4 plugs and motorcraft wires and a k&n replacement filter and was content with the performance. All vehicles are different so I wanted to know what people are getting positive results from.
Don't use anything other than NGK spark plugs for the frontier.
we should get a group buy for the volant cold air intakes... i must have emailed tons of different suppliers but got nothing back - bastards...
i use bosh platnum plugs too. any one used those E3 pulgs? im gonna try them on my next tune up. they claim to get better gas millage?
Two words - Factory Parts

Get a discount at Nissan Parts -

Nissans are extra particular about using OEM ignition system parts. In particular I would avoid Bosch... we have seen electrodes actually fall off of the plus 4s in the Q45.

The only time I have strayed from OEM is on O2 sensors... NGK or Denso OEM equivalent from Spark plug, Spark plug wire, spark plug gap, spark plug cross reference and ignition wires at have served me well.

NKG for plugs and wires, stay away from a TB spacer they are just paper weights
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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