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Trying to find a bracket for my 7-pin harness..

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So a few days ago I had done a search for where you all had bought your 7-pin wiring harness' and I went to and I had gotten the 7-Pin OEM harness w/ connector, and I think in someones post I read on here - a Power brake jumper wire. Anyway - I got the kit on Friday...and I had no clue that I would NOT be getting a bracket to hold the trailer connector onto my hitch.
I called Lebrun Nissan (Dealer here) and They say they can't sell me JUST the bracket to hold the connector. It only comes With a Genuine Nissan Hitch. Well...I got my Hidden hitch class IV for $99 so I don't really want to spend a ton on another hitch for just the bracket.
Does anyone know where I could buy just the bracket...Sucks that Nissan made theirs into a special triangle shape with just the 2 holes on the bottom, and the bracket being kinda special too.
There's an ok pic of the bracket..all I need to be ready to go now. Thanks for any help.

hmm...I might have answered my own question...Looks like that bracket is welded directly to their hitch. super.
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there's nothing special about it - cut out a 2.5" hole in a piece of steel, remove the plastic housing from the plug, put through hole, mark the mounting holes, drill out those holes and you are mounted. you will then need to weld the steel onto your hitch. - but if you are doing all of this - just cork the hole in your bumper and spare yourself ripping off the bracket. i ripped off two before i drilled into the bumper. takes maybe 45 minutes and a 2.5" holesaw bit, and a drill bit. this is an EASY mod.

i have the OEM hitch and i have since just hammered the bracket up flush to the hitch
Use a 2.5" holesaw and you won't need to trim the plug at all:

as i stated above - the plastic cover will pop into two pieces, stick the plug through the hole and all the plastice will go back on and look 100% normal
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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