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True Delta car survey participation for club frontier viewers

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Below is the link to True Delta car survey website. They need some more Nissan truck owners to report their reliability and mileages for whatever model year vehicle (2005 or newer only). They compile this data and they will send you periodic updates on how your vehicle rates with other similar trucks. It has some interesting features to the results of the survey (ie: odds of repair, odds of getting a "lemon", etc.) Anyway, if interested go there and register your truck and fill out their questionaire and you will get feedback later on your model and year of vehicle.

TrueDelta Car Reliability and Gas Mileage Information
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just posting again to get this back on the 1st page for more readership.
True Delta is a run by a guy who has a real head for stats and really likes what he does. I first stumbled on it a few years ago and registered our Ford Freestyle.
His site just hasn't seemed to hit the radar, unfortunately. A lot of good stuff here and your suggestion is a good one for anyone on the forums.
one more time, to get back on 1st page for more viewers. Maybe I should do a sticky on this.
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