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Truck feels like its pulling a trailer?

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Just recently from take off my truck feels like its pulling a trailer. I was messing around in the snow a little bit (2wd) and it just started doing it. Any ideas what is wrong?
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Have you checked your brakes? Does the engine sound normal? Do you notice any difference in takeoff performance when you put the shifter in "1"? Is there a trailer hitched to your truck?

I'm hoping it's that last one. :)
could be a bad knock sensor sending the ecm into fail safe mode.
After it happened I parked the truck. I went out to start it, started it up and the O/D light on the dash was blinking. I hit the O/D button, it stopped blinking, and it ran fine. Not sure whats up with that.
you could have just gotten snow snow/ice/water in the electrical connector on the transmission.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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