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Truck Camping

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I am getting a shell for my truck and I am thinking about camping out of it when warm weather arrives. I have the five foot bed but I am fairly short so I should be ok. I am however having a hard time finding an air mattress that is short enough to fit with the tailgate closed. They do not seem to come in a five foot length. I did find one designed for a truck bed but it is over $200 which, imho, is too much for an air mattress. Anyone have any ideas?
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Craft store for foam? Have a fred meyer?, they usually have 2'x6'x3" in stock. I would prolly build the 2x6 shelf in the bed recesses to get my head/feet out of the fender wells. At 5-6" I've laid down diagonally in my ccsb & it is long enough. But I think the raised planks would be a benefit, adding some storage too!
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