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Truck Camping

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I am getting a shell for my truck and I am thinking about camping out of it when warm weather arrives. I have the five foot bed but I am fairly short so I should be ok. I am however having a hard time finding an air mattress that is short enough to fit with the tailgate closed. They do not seem to come in a five foot length. I did find one designed for a truck bed but it is over $200 which, imho, is too much for an air mattress. Anyone have any ideas?
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I am thinking about getting one of these DAC Truck tents....
You open up your Cap/Topper and Tailgate and put this tent thing over the back.
Click on the link below to go to the website:
DAC Tent : Home -
Great minds think alike......

I had a very similar setup for a few years and loved it. I've since moved on to something a little bigger but this was a great overnight/weekend setup that was easy and cheap.

Forget the foam from the craft store... For how much you'll need at a thickness that will actually support your weight it will be over $100 easy (was there a few weeks ago pricing foam for another project). Head over the WalMart and pickup a mattress topper. I had a 4" memory foam one in my setup that I cut down to fit perfectly (about $80 for the one I had). This was SUPER comfy too, better than my bed at home.

Invest in a hi profile shell if you plan to sleep back there. I had a cab hi and while pretty, it sucked being inside. Sitting up involved having your head at 90*.

Build yourself a basic platform for storage. Here is some info about my setup I had and some lessons learned.

Since your a short bed this might be of interest to you:
Mid-Size Truck Tent -
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