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I'm looking to install a truck toolbox, likely a low profile crossover type, not because I have a lot of tools to lug around but because winter is coming and I'll need space for snowbrushes, scrapers, a little folding shovel, booster cables, and a few tools associated with truck ownership. While I could fit that in the back seat area of my 2013 S KC, I do occasionally have teenagers in those tiny seats and at other times its nice to have room for groceries etc.

UWS makes a 63 inch crossover box with sloped ends which apparently fits our Fronts nicely. Black is more expensive than silver, but would blend in with my black truck. Most trucks around here are used as cars and a crossover tool box is a pretty rare sight while tonneau covers abound. I use my truck mostly as a car but it occasionally gets worked. At times I would need to remove the crossover box to move a large garden tiller or other bulky items. Odd bits of lumber, ABS pipe etc. could simply go underneath the box as I'm not interested in the extra deep model.

I might just pay the extra for the black if the black finish would hold up well in the sun, heat, wet and cold. Oh yes, and throw in road salt and sand in winter. But I'd rather not have black powder coat or paint flake off shiny aluminum.

Wondering if any folks have opted for black and if so, how has the finish held up over the years.

Also wondering what folks do generally for storage of small items.

Thanks folks!

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