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I know it's poor practice to post "for sale" threads as a new member, but I've been on for years, so there should be some feedback available over there. I've had a handful of transactions (buying and selling) on that site that have all gone great. Anyway, on to the meat of it...

My hopes and dreams of modifying this net to suit my needs in my Xterra have sailed, so I'm going to go with the Xterra-specific Raingler products.
(Which I clearly should have done in the first place)

This thing is new, with tags on it and everything included. Carrying case, carabeeners, cinch straps - everything. Made with 2" straps and multiple anchor locations. It is the SHORT BOX model. I can inventory it when I get home to list ALL items. It measures 73"x79", plus the additional length/width available with the cinch straps. I dont know the Frontier dimensions off-hand, but likely someone can chime in for me.

A link to their website - Quarantine Restraints Auto Cargo Net & Cargo Securement Specialists They are a company out of Calgary, Alberta. The quality is exceptional.

They retail for somewhere around $250, I'll let it go for the cost of a Raingler full divider:

$130 plus actual shipping from T8A 3C2 (Edmonton, Alberta)

If you've got a pickup this thing would be uber handy. It's literally too beefy to be used inside my Xterra.

Offers, questions let me know!

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