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Trouble starting

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So I needed to run out at lunch today, drove for 5 min, ran into a store, came out, and my 2006 Nismo didn't want to start. I tried a few times, and it cranked, just wouldn't catch. After a couple minutes of trying, it finally started up. I'd chalk it up as a 1-off, but it did it about 3 weeks ago as well - short drive, quick stop, and wouldn't start backup. Anyone had these issues? Any thoughts on why or things to look for?
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So battery levels seemed ok - so for peace of mind I figured I'd get a new battery (its 4 years old). I picked up the one the guy recommended, came home to install it, and noticed the poles were different on the one he gave me.... The OEM has a screw down terminal where the positive side goes, where the one he sold me had the standard large clamp down style, which my positive cables can't connect to.... The screw down terminal on the old battery doesn't seem to be removeable to transfer to the new battery.... Am I missing something or did he sell me the wrong type of battery?
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