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Travel Trailers

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I know of only one, scamp trailers (Scamp Travel Trailers: Small Lightweight Campers, Easily Towable) that make travel trailers just for mid-size pick-up's. I like the 19ft mini-5th wheel one, but I was curious. Is there any other companies that cater to those of us with mid-size trucks (talking about 1st gen's)? Or are the any travel trailers with mid-size trucks in mind?

I am moving to Valdosta, GA (from the Portland, OR area) for 1 year August to August. And instead of wasting a years rent somewhere I rather just buy a travel trailer, tow it with the frontier live in it and tow it back to Portland, OR. Don't think I'm crazy, I spent 4 years in the Navy so a 19ft camper is like a mansion, and it would be way cooler!

Any help is great!

I forgot to add, I know I can do 19ft.....if my friends dakota can pull this. I know the Frontier will have no problems with something of this size.
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Well, thanks. Seems like the general concensus is no bigger than 17 feet, I will probably start looking for trailers in the general area of my destination and along my route. I was just needing an idea of where to stop at, anything smaller than 14 feet will be to little for a years time and anything bigger than 17 is too much for the truck.

Also, I would be better off towing it one way rather than both ways, and from my short 2 years of over the road trucking experince the mountain grades coming back west are mostly downhill rather than up so it would be better for the truck if I where to jump up to I-80 it would be smooth sailing untill Wyoming, there are 2 grades there Idaho has 2-3 little hills and then cabbage pass in Oregon and im home! As long as I stay away from Utah and Colorado I don't see anything too major......we'll see!
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