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I know of only one, scamp trailers (Scamp Travel Trailers: Small Lightweight Campers, Easily Towable) that make travel trailers just for mid-size pick-up's. I like the 19ft mini-5th wheel one, but I was curious. Is there any other companies that cater to those of us with mid-size trucks (talking about 1st gen's)? Or are the any travel trailers with mid-size trucks in mind?

I am moving to Valdosta, GA (from the Portland, OR area) for 1 year August to August. And instead of wasting a years rent somewhere I rather just buy a travel trailer, tow it with the frontier live in it and tow it back to Portland, OR. Don't think I'm crazy, I spent 4 years in the Navy so a 19ft camper is like a mansion, and it would be way cooler!

Any help is great!

I forgot to add, I know I can do 19ft.....if my friends dakota can pull this. I know the Frontier will have no problems with something of this size.
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The nice thing about that 19fter is having the separate dining/sleeping area. That makes a big difference, especially knowing that sometime in your year period there will be more than one person in the trailer with you.

Maybe the thing to do is find the camper in GA so you aren't killing your mpg on the trip down and worrying about towing something that big. You can decide at the end of your stay whether the camper is worth bringing back.

You can find things like this around the area for about 11k. I see the billboards all the time: New 2010 Dutchmen Freedom Spirit FS180LE Travel Trailer For Sale - Camping World RV Sales - Statesville

The other lightweight option is the [email protected]; but they are a little more on the expensive side: - [email protected] Microlite teardrop RV travel trailer campers - Tab
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