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anyhoo, i have a 2004 frontier crew cab w/longbed and supercharger.
my question is , is there anyone having concerns about the frontiers shifting into overdrive.

mine does but in some instances i have to wait 1/2 mile or more at a steady speed for it to realize that 4500rpms at 70mph is not right and it should kick down into OD.

i come from an extensive background of automechanics and know in some older style trannies (regardless of the vehicle) by backing off on the pedal at cruising speed will "trick" tranny into shifting. i have to do that with my truck. i will do 65-70 and try to maintain a constant speed waiting for it to kick to OD. i have removed my foot from the pedal completely and watched the RPMS drop to 1500-2000 and truck slows. i replace foot to maintian crusing speed and the RPMS shoot right back to 4000-4500. then maybe it realizes it should shift to OD.

i have been complaining to the dealership about it and they dont believe me. they want me to drop everything i do the moment it happen and bring it in to them. not very convenient for me. This is the first time in my life i have ever bought a BRAND NEW truck from a dealer ship because i never trusted them, and i now have to say that NISSAN has comletely proven my point. This has been one of the worst experiences i have had to deal with and i already know that i will be getting a toyota next. should have gone there first i think,

anyone else having or heard of any thing like this? Crying or Very sad
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