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Please give me some insight on this problem guys it's not to good.I have a 2005 frontier with a transmission whine I have checked the noise and double checked it's not from the catalytic converters.This all started after I ran the truck hard on forth of July and went trail riding next thing I know I had serious drag nothing but dead space when I pressed the pedal I would just rev (no movement on speedometer).Its getting worse today I had a lot of pops from the differential on stop signs and when I rush the speed and it shifts gears.The rumble shakes the truck and when I press hard on the gas it literally rumbles and hops in stress.I have a video on my cell let me know if j can post here!Transmission has a whine when I press the pedal

I checked fluids all good I can't hear catalytic making any noise engine is fine fluids fine.

I see no liquid or smell anything say it's the torque converter or transmission pump I think it won't be clutches and I put the last of my money on 1 of those 2 do you guys think i would have a good chance at saving this problem.
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