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Transmission failure from coolant

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Recently bought a 2005 frontier SE 4x4 6spd, so far been very happy with it. But i have been reading around and I am worried about transmission failure from coolant getting into transmission fluid. Everything i have read has referred to automatic transmissions, and i havent seen any mention either way about manual transmissions. Not sure if i should be worried and working on some fix, or enjoying my frontier. Thanks

Just found this: so i assume that applies to the frontier 6spd manual as well and they are not at risk of this contamination
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Any idea if the oil in your trans was ever changed? Since it's an 05 all the driveline fluids should be replaced.

Would distilled water be kinder to the aluminum radiator? Can hard water be partly responsible for the failures? Just a thought I've had.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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