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Trailer hitch & wiring question for '04 Frontier

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I am putting a Class III on this weekend but have yet to get the wiring harness. I was reading the Owner's Manual last night and it says that if the trailer load is greater than 1,000 pounds then you MUST have a trailer with brakes which means brake controls.

Can a 2004 accept a 7-way harness? What are your thoughts about the 1,000 pound rule? It actually says "MUST", not "preferred". I don't plan to be pulling anything except a small trailer to haul 4 wheelers on but don't want to limit myself either.

Thanks in advance!
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I have a trailer that will handle 2000#, and weighs about 2800# with a full load. I used to pull it loaded all the time with an 86.5 Hardbody with a 4 cylinder. The only time I ever had a problem was once on wet roads, with an empty bed in the pickup. I pull same trailer with my 04 CC and I have never felt the need for trailer brakes. I'm sure I would be safer with them, but they wouldn't have helped when the wheel came off my trailer.

i have the 5 wire plug hooked up on my truck for pulling bass boats with surge brakes.

that was easy to do and REALLY helped on the 18.5 ft bass boats i was towing.

not sure about the 7wire.

i would be more concerned about tongue weight rather tow weight.

the bed for our 2004 will hold 1000lbs, but the towing capabilities is 5000lbs with a 250lb tongue wieght.

i used to tow a stratos 269v with a jeep and no brake control without any problems.

now i have towed a 18.5ft TV18 bass tracker fully loaded and also a nitro Z-7 bass boat and i was glad to have the surge brakes.
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ive pulled 3000ish lbs without brakes and it seemed ok, just give yourself more time to stop
Just keep it under 3000ish and you'll be fine without the trailer brakes. I pull a 12x6 trailer with 2 zero turn mowers and other mowing equipment and I brake just fine. Just remember, it's not a full sized truck so you need to still plan ahead for more stopping distance. If you want to, add a leaf on your setup in the rear and it will help you pull a little better I think. A level stance always helps when towing.
What is a leaf?
What is a leaf?
Leaf spring. They are what supports your weight in the rear of the truck. You can buy add a leaf kits from AC ( The only thing would be that the rear end would sit a bit higher than the front when not towing. Our trucks have enough of that nose dive look coming off the lot anyway. If you don't mind that look then adding a leaf to your kit would make the towing ride so much more comfortable.
Gotcha. Thanks.
No problem. Hope you find the answers you need.
A little while back, I towed a 6x12 trailer with 3200 of steel to the junk yard. It was tough on the little frontier but it managed. Taking off was a little rough on my clutch, and stopping was tough. Definitely allow more time, and I would just say make sure your brakes are working evenly across all 4 tires.

While I was towing this load to the junk yard, driving along at 35, some lady (SOMEHOW) didn't see me coming and pulled out in front of, then stopped right in the middle of the road in front of me after she saw me. I don't know what the heck she was thinking, but I was forced to slam on the brakes and probably could have run right thru her car. Realized my brakes weren't as good as I want them to be. So I just recommend checking your brakes and making sure they are good and even.
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