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Trailer Brake Set-up?

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Tried to search. Couldn't find anything. I have a 2007 NISMO 4x4 V6 that I continue to tow a popup camper in the Rockies. The camper has brakes, but I do not have a brake booster installed and the last trip the brakes (trucks's) were burning good.

I purchased an after market hitch and bought the Nissan harness. Works great except when coming down the mountain, my truck brakes burn up. I think that I only bought the 4 pin not thinking that I would need brakes. well, I think I need brakes. So.??? What are some of your setups with brake boosters?
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I paid the money for the Nissan setup and am thankfull that I did. when you buy the 7-pin, it comes with a relay plug/cable that you need in order for the brakes to work on your trialer. Plus, you will need to get the brake adapter that you can wire it into the brake controler and then just plug it into your truck. I think Nissan charges about $57 for the 7-pin, plus about $10 for the adapter plug. You will have to buy the brake controller seperate, but you will be so happy.

Oh one more thing. It is so stupid easy to install, dont pay anyone to do it. Some one posted picks of the whole thing on this web sight. The relay is just in front of the door jam of the passanger door at your feet...and it just pluggs in.
Get the Nissan 7-pin wiring harness from Scott (Fontana Nissan - Site Sponsor) or or your local dealer. Just get it from who ever has the best price.
For a brake controller I recommend this:Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller
If you order it from that link, you can get it with a Nissan specific adapter to make it plug-n-play at no extra charge. There is a plug under the dash, you just plug the adapter into it and the other end to the controller and you're good to go.

Whatever you do, I highly recommend you do it before you burn through the trucks brakes and they give out on you on one of those trips down the mountain.
The prodigy is a good controller.
I would advise getting one for two brake axles up front. Even tho your trailer probably only has one brake axle, you may wish to upgrade later or need to pull a trailer with two brake axles.
wiring is pretty straight forward, and the instruction with the prodigy will get you thru.
yea ... seriously, if I had to do it all over I would have done it myself, as the install is truely plug and play. But I had a really bad experience with electronics with my last vehicle ... so I had it installed with the nissan hitch.
I'm using Husky Excursion, kind of a knock off of the Prodogy, but a few more bells and whistles, I think.
It offers smooth proportional braking ... when set up properly .. something that really makes towing a breeze.


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