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Okay, just tossin' this out there. I have been contemplating returning my Frontier to a more stock like condition. Right now I have a Ute Ltd. all aluminum flatbed and a Badlands rear bumper. I had to have the flatbed cross member mounts lengthened for the Frontier since our frames are slightly wider than Ford or Toyota. I have fold down and removable sides and 2 flatbed Jobox tool boxes. Comes with all lights and hardware.

The advantages of the flatbed are less weight, more cargo capacity, more durable and nothing to rust or scratch up. Downsides are; can't easily use a canopy.

So, what I am looking for, a first gen stock LONG bed in GOOD to EXCELLENT shape, with a tailgate. Stock bumper would be nice. Blue would be even better. If you have a matching canopy that I am interested in we could so a straight trade. I am in Seattle and would want to the swap in my parking area, all we need is hand tools and an extra body that I can provide. Any questions let me know.

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