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Traction Package?? A little help

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So, I was reading this thread, and i got curious. I have a 206 NISMO 4x4 with ABLS and a Locker. I have the Hill Descent Light on the dash (just noticed it, never been lit), but I don't have any switches for this.

What are the odds that I have the computer for Hill Descent and VDC? How can I check and where do I look? I am very curious.

Thanks in advance
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By shifter

I have the same truck, my button is the last one on the right:

4x4 selector - VDC - Locker - Hill Descent
Well, in the link I provided, it mentions that there might have been wires behind the switchplates. The original poster was like me, and had the blank plates instead of the switches. And there is the Gyro computer should be somewhere around there.

Wheres your computer at, exactly? I want to go out and look in the morning and find out.

Sorry, I didn't read you post correctly, the only computer I know the location of is under the cup holders (just pull up). I don't know what it is (airbags or what your looking for?)
So, anyone got a specific place to look for the Gyro module? As far as I know, its somewhere behind the dash.

I don't have the FSM. Wish i did
Sorry, I didn't read you post correctly, the only computer I know the location of is under the cup holders (just pull up). I don't know what it is (airbags or what your looking for?)
we have an ABS actuator/control module (guessing since they refer to it as actuator and control module that this is in the engine bay near all the abs stuff maybe), ECM or Engine control module, BCM or Body control module ( controls just about everything that has a switch in the truck, wipers, blinkers, that stuff), if you have an e locker you have a difflock controller (which i am fairly sure is the one under the cup holders), and Air bag diagnosis sensor unit (which i'm pretty sure is directly under the center console storage). the manual is also showing that the Yaw rate/side/decel G sensor is under the center console storage also which makes sense cause you'd really want that thing to be centrally located to work the best.
Yeah, that is some serious knowledge. Very helpful. Any idea what the yaw/rate/G sensor would look like? I'm assuming that it would be a separate box, maybe even so labeled.

Gonna dig around and see, but this information makes it seem like I dont have it. If I don't have it, that brings up the question of, since I already have almost all the sensors needed (I'm assuming), it would be a very easy thing to put in the VDC and hill descent switches
So, I went digging behind the HVAC console, and I found these:

Not sure what the two unused plugs are for, but I am assuming that they are for the VDC and Hill Descent switches. I will dig a little further a little later

And this is what got me curious from the begining:

I'm sure that there can't be that many variations of instrument panels and idiot lights, but it still seems like a logical conclusion that I have parts of the set up to get it done.

And just out of curiosity, is this where the other module is?

I didn't take the center console out, but it seems like its easy to do, and may be my next step in my curiosity lol
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not sure the exact positions there was just a pic in the nissan service techs manual that had labels naming off all that stuff and arrows to a spot on the truck, i've never seen one in person. wish i could help ya more. i'm about to get hammered drunk but i'll do some more looking around in the manual to see if i can get some more specific info for ya in the morning. i'll also take some screen shots of the pages in the manual i'm using for reference and post those up to. see ya all in the morning, its drinking time lol
I think all dashes have the appropiate "lighting" for the various controls, but that doesn't mean that they are there. The hill descent control would definitely be a switch that you would activate along the panel where the diff lock is. The hill start and hill descent are together in a package, you can test to see if you have it by stopping the truck on a steep incline with the vehicle in drive and take your foot off of the brake. If the truck rolls backwards, then you don't have hill start or descent control. If it stays locked in place for a couple seconds on its own, then you do.
I figured as much about the idiot lights, but I wasn't 100% sure that I about that. And if I do stay on the hill for a maximum of 2 seconds, then I am assuming that I have most of the hill descent and what not already installed? I will test it out tomorrow.
So, I have called all over the place and come up in the same spot as before. Nissan America told me to call my dealer, since they don't have a technical line or anything, and my dealership told me to call Nissan America... Maybe I can hijack a tech or even the shop foreman and pick their brains.

Oh, and the FSM is damn expensive... $300!! I was expecting like $100 price range. Maybe someday I will dish out 3 C-notes for a book lol.
So, I had a chance to test out wether I have hill assist or anything, and I don't. I Had to go offroad to find a hill around me steep enough lol, but I don't have anything like that.

So, now I have to figure out if I have the basic wiring harness for it or not. Going to swing by the dealership and talk to a tech who can tell me exactly what I am looking for and where. From what the dealership says, the harness is made by options on that specific truck, not packages available for that model. Anyone know anything about that?
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