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Trabuco Creek Run

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Hey guys, so yesterday me and some buddies of mine went out after school for a pretty fun quick run to Trabuco Creek right past Cook's Corner. I got to use my new HIDs, use the new cb radio, test out the truck some, and get it a little muddy. It was a lot of fun even though the road was pretty washed out from the rain. I didn't try too much hard stuff, but it was a lot of fun. Plus we got to pull out a big F350 with our two wheel drive trucks. Lots of fun. Here's a few pics.

Beginning of trail

And the end result

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Any pic's pulling out the F350? Looks like fun man, I like your truck!
I only got this one picture of it when we pulled up. My friends camera has more of it on there. You can see the little yellow rope that an expedition was trying to pull it out with. My buddy ended up getting it out using actual straps and his old silverado 2wd v8 hahaha. The big guy driving the F350 said this, " I just bought this truck and I thought it was lifted so high that I just go right through. But I got stuck right here and when I let off the gas the motor died."

Hahaha. Im pretty sure he sucked up a good amount of water.

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thanks guys:)
Yeah, he might have a "water-in-engine" problem, lol. Some people's kids, lol. It is so big, it must work. As long as you know how to drive....
looked like fun bro. if ur friend has more pics post them up, is that spot all legal to drive through? it kinda looks like cleghorn fire rd. somethin easy to do but fun for all 2wd and 4wd. trucks looks good by the way bro
Yah Im pretty sure its legal to go on because I think it leads to a trail and also to a little RC Plane field. Plus we saw at least 10 other people on it even though I know that doesn't mean anything. But I think it is one of the closest places around here for easy wheeling. You just go all the way up chapman into santiago canyon I believe, then you make a left at Cooks Corner, go past the school a little bit, and then before you make this big steep right turn up the hill you make a left into this big dirt area and the trail starts there.

Ill try to get the rest of the pics. He had an older camera and isn't that tech savvy.

Also, Im pretty sure that trail is here on Dirtopia
Trabuco Creek Road - Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia
one word for your truck "clean" i like how your keeping it simple and yet it still looks good. all you need is a titan swap.:):)
thanks man. seriously all i need is a titan swap with some coilovers and then some fenders and I'll be truly set. Anyways, this trail is only about 30 minutes away from me and why I did have to go kind of slow from it being washed out by the rain it was a lot of fun and I cant wait to finish my front end. I just need some more extra $$$. But then again, we all do. hahaha
im like 10 minutes from that place. let me know when you get up their again. Pretty mellow but lots of fun. I always go their to test new upgrades.
cool stuff. maybe a quick mini so cal run is in order. i have to kind of go a little slow in my 4 banger though when it was really washed out. I really need to get a titan swap done.
O.C. isnt tha far from the I.E. its like 45mins-1hr. i'd be down to go .. and maybe even "Frontier279" and "S13Disco" might go ... set it up and lets see how it turns out? Scott from Fontana Nissan might even go. it will be a different seen for us other then cleghorn or Lytle Creek.
From dirtopia:
This trail is not very challenging unless you are on a skateboard.

Good pics!!!
Yah it is a pretty easy trail. But I would say that it is probably not really more challenging now, but a lot worse after the rain. There were some spots that were just riddled from the storm like a washing board with up and down woops. Just helped me realize I needed more travel. But yah maybe in the next few weekends Ill try and go out there again.
better travel > more travel
true, I have no travel really with just the spindles up front though.
I know of a few wrecked titans in salvage yards in SD if you want to hunt for parts on the sheep
Where is this trail at ?
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