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I have a 2010 Frontier that I purchased new. It has 12k miles on it. I am going to the dealer to get my tires rotated when I get my oil changed. The dealer recommended that I also get the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) re-set after the tire rotation. The additional cost for the re-set is $20.00. I called another dealer and asked if i needed to get the TPMS re-set after the tire rotation. His answer was "no, not needed." What is the correct answer? I checked the owner's manual and it is unclear. Thank you all for your thoughts.
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Um... I rotate my own tires every 5000 miles when I change my oil. I've never had to do a reset of the TPMS. Methinks your dealership is trying to scam you out of an extra $20.
Thanks for your reply. Did NOT get it done when I got the tires rotated. Service manager said that if I didn't get it done that the ECM would not know what wheel is where if there was a problem down the line. My answer was "so?" He said well that's it.
IMO -- the dealer SHOULD do the reset for one reason (and really, at no charge as part of the rotation -- if the dealer has the TPMS activation tool and CONSULT, the procedure merely requires that they walk around the truck and put the activation tool against each tire for 5 seconds) -- if you bring the truck back later on for a problem with the TPMS system, and he hooks up the CONSULT tool to the vehicle and it determines that one of the sensors is not responding or whatever -- they will end up replacing the wrong sensor (because the BCM will report what wheel position has an issue, and it will not be the right position)

I say find a new dealership..

There is a procedure for re-registering the TPMS for each sensor by grounding the TPMS connector under the dash and setting each tire to a different specified pressure followed by driving the vehicle -- but I am not sure if it still applies to 2010 models.. More information on the procedure is here: Resetting & Learning TPMS Sensors| Auto Atlantic Automotive Industry Magazine there is more information here as well: (This 2nd link appears to be a little more helpful at actually putting the TPMS system into learn mode)

FWIW, the 2010 Frontier service manual specifies the following pressures should be set in each tire in order to learn the correct positioning without the tool:

Front LH 36
Front RH 33
Rear RH 30
Rear LH 27

After the relearn procedure, fill all tires up to their recommended pressure.

Also, I took a picture of the TPMS diagnostic connector in my 2010 so you can should be able to find it with ease.



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