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TPMS Re-set

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This is way off topic, but does anyone know how to re-set the TPMS on an Infinity G35 (2004)? Without having to re-set everything or take it to a dealer. My GF had a flat. When she tried to remove the valve stem cap, the stem broke. She needed tires anyhow so she bought a new set and had the stem/TPMS replaced. It's been 3 days of driving and the system still has not re-set itself. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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she will have to take it back to the dealer. you cant just replace the valve and have it work. it has to be programmed to the car/truck. if it wasnt coded to the car/truck then if you drove by someone that had a slack tire it would also set off you warning light. make sense?
Yes, what Mylt1 said. The sensors have to be registered using Consult before the system is reset. No way around it.
That's what I was afraid of. Thanks!
Just a follow-up FYI. We took her car back to the tire dealer and he checked all the TPMS. The new one was working. There was another bad one on a different wheel. Got it replaced and the system re-set when she drove to work the next day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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