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As some of you on here know toyota wheels are the same bolt pattern as the gen 1 Nissan however they have a different lug nut style. This difference has caused more then one Toyota wheel to fall off a Nissan on the road. A member on another forum I mod on posted this link to the right size lug nut for Toyota wheels with the Nissan thread pattern. This will allow you to run OEM Toyota wheels on any gen 1 nissan.

Lug Nuts Wheel Adapters Wheel Spacers Lug Bolts

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I know this is an old thread. Just adding this information because if anyone is reasearching and finds this thread, I want people to know how to do it right. This kind of operation can be dangerous if you don't do it correctly, and I just want people to be safe while having their fun.

I've found 4 options that'll work. The wheel studs spacing is the same spacing (6 X 5.5), but the hub bore is larger on Toyota hubs (106mm vs 100mm on the Frontier/Xterra).

Option 1: Steel Wheels

Steel wheels off a Toyota Tacoma or other model will bolt straight on using your factory nissan hubs, studs, and lug nuts. Hub rings won't work for steel wheels because there is no counter bore for the rings to fit in, so you have to make sure you get them centered well using the lug nuts.

Option 2: Wheel Stud Swap

You will need to get new lug studs and swap them out. Toyota uses lug shanks (mag shanks) on their aluminum wheels. If you use the regular acorn seat lug nuts (Nissan style), the wheels can get loose and fall off. I've actually seen someone try this and lose a wheel while driving. Here's a diagram...


You can go to O'Reilly's and get someone who knows something to look up some lug nuts for you in their catalog (they're like $3/each). You can swap ALL YOUR WHEEL STUDS out with some that have these specs:

(A) Knurl Diameter 0.506-.509 inches (or equivalent mm).
(B) Thread Size M12 x 1.5
(C) Under-head Length: 1.5in (roughly)

You'll have to figure out exactly what length you need, although I believe 1.5-2" ones work... if you get them too long, they won't fit behind the rear hub to press them in. I used this set ---> ARP Wheel Studs. I had to cut them down and add a taper. I then realized the ones from O'Reilly are cheaper and easier to get the right size.

If you press them all out, swap them out, then you can use the Toyota lug nuts to hold the Aluminum wheels on.

Do yourself a favor and get the correct hub rings to fit your wheels (here --->) Hub Rings 106 to 100 bore

Here's a few pictures of mine with the center caps cut. These fit over the center caps no issues. I cut them for easier access.



Option 3: Bolt-on Wheel Spacers

Alternatively, you can also use a bolt-on hub spacer for a Toyota. The SpiderTrax spacers won't fit over the front hubs material too thick), but these will ---> THESE WHEEL SPACERS WILL FIT OVER YOU HUB. (I ran them for a while before doing a full stud swap... didn't like the stance, as most Aluminum Toyota wheels have less offset than Nissan wheels do, adding a spacer made it too wide for my taste), plus running 33's, I got a TON of rubbing.

You will just need a set of Toyota lug nuts to install the wheels to the hub spacers. Use your factory lugs to install the spacer to the vehicle (Again, I highly recommend using the correct hub rings).



Option 4 (easiest): Get Mag Shank lugs that fit Nissan studs (M12 x 1.25).

To do this right, you really need to have hub rings - Toyota mag shank wheels are HUB centric, so you should not just use the lugnuts without the appropriate hub ring. Hub Rings 106 to 100 bore

You have to make sure the shank diameter on the lug nuts you get matches the Toyota shank diameter, otherwise you won't be able to center the wheel. I haven't tried this, but it looks like these are the ones to get: Gorilla® 12mm x 1.25 Toyota/Nissan Lug Nut from Brandsport Auto Parts (#73128NS)

Or something with the same specs. These should make it so that you can bolt a Toyota wheel directly to your Nissan hub using the studs you already have. I didn't realize this was an option when I did mine, that's why I swapped all the studs. Oh well.

Good luck! If you've already done it, which option did you do and how did it work out for you?


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Some chucklehead threw away a clean set of 4 Frontier wheels and BFG LongTrail tires (7/32 on all) in our recycle dumpster at work! Has anyone heard of these fitting on a 2010 Toyota Corolla? I realize you all are truck folks, but maybe you know some crazy car guy that did this?

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Are Corollas 5 lug wheels (or 4 lug maybe)??
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