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Toyo Open Country M/T tires

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Just put on some Toyo Open Country M/T tires!!! Boy do they look and (I hope) perform GREAT! They are 32’s and fit perfect with no trimming or crankin the T bar… I’m sure It will hurt my Gas Mileage a bit but I get such sh***y mileage anyway from the S/C OoO well. The look and performance are worth the extra 20miles lost a tank. So all you peoplz that ask “can u fit 32’s with stock everything??” ANSWER is YES!!! But I think that the S/C trim on the 4x4 rides a bit higher then reg 4x4 trims, could be wrong though.

Let me know if anyone wants pics!
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So new to posting pics... just found this out haha, how do i post pics that are on my computer? Thanks
Thanks for the help guys!
There 265 75 16 on stock non S/C wheels so almost a 32 its like a 31.8

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That’s good to know that they don’t suck too much gas, glad u guys like them, can’t wait to get some mud on them!!! I was going to go with the BFG A/T’s but I have always wanted a really aggressive M/T so what the heck, these seem to do well on the road for mt’s and amazing off road!

Next is a 3in lift :)
Yeah they are 10 ply, a lot diff than from my Toyo A/T, they were only 4 ply… I have not driven on any good dirt/ washboard roads yet but in town they drive great and don’t feel too stiff. God dang do they look good, I keep finding myself walking out side just to look at them :fantastic:
thanks Yellow01
yeah i have no rubbing lock to lock even with the mud guards, they are technically 31.8 so I don’t know if that is the difference. I can’t wait to get my 3in SL after fire season! Can’t wait for the day when I can keep up with my buddy’s SAS ranger on 35’s with f&R lockers.
So I drove on the freeway today for the first time with the new tires (got up to 70) and they drive great and are actually not loud at all! Not too bad for a great MT
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