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Hello again!

I've posted a question in here once before about towing but now that I'm actually at the point of starting to look at campers this spring I'm having some troubles determining what is too much and what is okay. I have a 2001 Frontier XE - 6cyl - Crew Cab - 4wd. The hitch I'm planning on buying is a Curt Class 3 that comes with the hitch, receiver, ball, wiring, etc. Anyways. The towing capacity on my pickup is 5000lbs.

I'm looking at "vintage" (aka old/beater/starter) campers. Initially I was shooting for a goal of 2500lbs or less dry weight but I've found a camper I really like that according to the seller is 18'. I've looked online at NADA to see details and it is likely one of 3 models; a 17'6" with dry weight of 2790, a 20'3" with dry weight of 3110, or a 20'3" with dry weight of 3280. Considering it's a small pickup, and 16 years old, is this too much for my Frontier?

Things to consider: I am in eastern SD so no mountains or anything but some hills. Will likely be going camping no further than 200 miles from home so not long cross-country journeys through the mountains or anything. I will also have two light kayaks on my roof rack (not sure if this is relevant whatsoever but hey).

I know a pop-up camper would be a lot lighter but we would really prefer a travel trailer if it is possible. However, I also love my pickup and would prefer not to destroy it the first year I have it ::laugh:: Any thoughts or advice?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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