I've got a pair of towing mirrors for 2nd gen Frontier. I used them on my 2008 but they should fit any 2nd gen as far as I know. They are "powered" (for aiming of the mirror) but NOT HEATED. Make sure your vehicle has the same mirrors. Not manual movement and not heated. The wiring harnesses will not be compatible otherwise.

I got them from Amazon on July 3rd 2022 and promptly dropped one of the chrome bezels while installing it (doh) and put some dings in it (only on passenger side). See in one of the pictures I am trying to point at them. In person you likely won't notice them because how the reflected scene mostly camouflages any irregularities. The black bezels weren't ever taken out of the plastic so they are brand new.

I kept the original box because us having a trailer was an experiment which has turned out how I suspected: we're selling the trailer. So they should be protected well during shipment.

I've enjoyed the mirrors. They are a lot bigger than factory and include a second wide-angle lens lower down which is great for catching your blindspot or when backing up in a busy parking lots. However if I'm not towing they are overkill and I'm a weenie when it comes to MPG / air drag. If I didn't care about the aerodynamics I'd just keep them because they work better than OEM and look good.

They extend out manually (you pull or push on the mirror housing and it telescopes out). In the pictures I extended the passenger side and the driver's side is pushed in all the way.

This is the exact link to what I got: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KHWJV42/

I paid $280.87 after tax/shipping. Selling for $170 shipped. If you pick it up local then I'll knock $20 off.

update: located in Folsom, CA now