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Towing a little uhaul trailer

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Hey guys,
So i'm moving some things about 30-40 miles or so and I was planning to haul a little 4' x 7' Utility Trailer from uhaul with around 300 lbs. of stuff inside.

Here's the catch
I don't have a hitch... :thatswck:

All I have installed is a tow ball in the rear bumper...
do you think it'd be ok to tow it that distance with just that? its not too much weight...

I also purchased one of these to plug into the trailer wiring thats preinstalled near the rear bumper:

after reading a couple posts (yes i searched) I'm guessing I need relays to use the exsisting wiring?
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I towed a fully-loaded 5'x8' covered U-Haul 500 miles with my '07 XE (no hitch) and hardly knew it was there. Couple of things to keep in mind. One of the nice things about the Frontier's rear bumper is that the center vinyl step pad pops off to expose the tow ball mount so you don't have to worry about scarring up the plastic or cutting out the access hole. This is handy if you don't plan on towing very often as you can just remove the ball and pop the cover back in place when you're done. Second, it's worth it to invest in the Nissan wiring harness for $45 or so (online dealer price) if you think you might ever have to tow something again. It's easy to install and a foolproof way to get everything working first time every time. Lastly, keep in mind when you're loading the trailer that the tongue will sit high when you hook it to the bumper mount, so pay partilular attention to how you distribute the weight of the load. Follow the instructions posted on the trailer (something like 60% of the load in front of the axle) and add a little to the front because of the rearward tilt caused by the high mounting point. Otherwise, you'll end up with too much weight to the rear and the trailer will want to wander. Also remember the tongue weight on the bumper should not exceed 150#.
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cant i just go buy some relays and use that plug thing i already bought? really dont feel like spending $60 for some wiring and on top of that i have to have it in like 2 days so onlines not an option :/
This kind of thing has been tried by many without success. For the short distance you're going (especially of it's during daylight hours) you're probably better off just skipping the light hookup (if U-haul will allow you to do that) and driving very carefully or just using the harness you've got to get some lighting ( I think I've read before that the taillights will work but that's about it-no brake or turn lights).
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