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Towing a little uhaul trailer

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Hey guys,
So i'm moving some things about 30-40 miles or so and I was planning to haul a little 4' x 7' Utility Trailer from uhaul with around 300 lbs. of stuff inside.

Here's the catch
I don't have a hitch... :thatswck:

All I have installed is a tow ball in the rear bumper...
do you think it'd be ok to tow it that distance with just that? its not too much weight...

I also purchased one of these to plug into the trailer wiring thats preinstalled near the rear bumper:

after reading a couple posts (yes i searched) I'm guessing I need relays to use the exsisting wiring?
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Yes, you will need the relays and you definiitely need to get the OEM wire harness. I recommend the 7 pin and get a 7-4 pin converter. Makes life easier down the road.

Don't splice btw, you'll burn up some electronics.
cant i just go buy some relays and use that plug thing i already bought? really dont feel like spending $60 for some wiring and on top of that i have to have it in like 2 days so onlines not an option :/
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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