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Took the Fronty to the track

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Decided to see what she had.

First run, I missed third, and went straight to fifth..ran it out anyway to a 17.1, which actually surprised me :lol:

My best run was this:
R/T - .274
60' - 2.512
330 - 6.877
1/8 - 10.405
MPH - 69.79
1000 - 13.418
1/4 - 15.970
MPH - 87.97

Overall, I am happy with that. The track is not known for traction, and I know it's good for better 60' times and probably mid 15's ultimately. My only mod is the aFe intake...

Anyone else run theirs?
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I just got home from the track here in Phoenix, i have an 05 Nismo 2wd Auto KC, Flowmaster 3'', Cone filter on stock intake tubing, Throttle body spacer and 2 degree timing best run was a
15.467 at 89.894 mph, 60ft time 2.39, that was also the only time i let my truck sit with the hood open and not running for 30 minutes before going back to the line of 30 cars waiting to run. Alright im done making excuses for my time now.I ran about 8 times, all the others stayed right around 15.5 and 15.6.
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