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Took the Fronty to the track

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Decided to see what she had.

First run, I missed third, and went straight to fifth..ran it out anyway to a 17.1, which actually surprised me :lol:

My best run was this:
R/T - .274
60' - 2.512
330 - 6.877
1/8 - 10.405
MPH - 69.79
1000 - 13.418
1/4 - 15.970
MPH - 87.97

Overall, I am happy with that. The track is not known for traction, and I know it's good for better 60' times and probably mid 15's ultimately. My only mod is the aFe intake...

Anyone else run theirs?
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Time's not bad. The crew's got a lot of weight to get movin'. Wonder what the KC will do. Good w/hp ratio.
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