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Hi everyone,

After a lot of research and reading I am looking into a Tonneau cover for security and gas mileage reasons. I have decided to achieve both of these, I will need a hard cover, but want a roll up. I was looking at the aluminum roll up covers and think that might be the way to go. In addition, I am looking to install bike mounts on the utilitrac. My initial idea was to install them against the front of the bed, but not sure this will work with the roll up cover. I don't want to have to remove one to use the other. Has anyone had any luck with this or any ideas? I am also considering putting the bike mounts on one of the side tracks to see if my bike will fit since it is a road bike, I might have enough clearance. Any opinions or thoughts are welcome. LOVE THIS SITE!!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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