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TN off roadin

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I am on Christmas vacation here in Tennessee. Some pictures of my truck on the hunting trails off in the woods at my grandfathers house. Enjoy.

My wife in the drivers seat posing for the shot!

This is my grandfathers crazy a$$ dog Sam. He likes sticks, but only live ones! Weirdo!

My FIRST stuck pictures! They are not that good as it was pitch black and camera flash only works so good.

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Lol. It was a van that pulled me out. Where I was standing was a gravel road. There was too much of a drop off into the hole to get a grip with my tires and get out. I just strapped up to him and he gave me the extra pull I needed to get over the drop.
Looks like fun. What part of Tennessee? I'm assuming East Tennessee?

Middle Tennessee. Clarksville is where I am from. These pics were taken around Bumpus Mills,TN/Cadiz,KY. Right on the border.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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