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Titan swap question

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Don't shoot, I did search!!! HAHAHA

Just outta curiousity:

I was at my local dealership for parts a few weeks back. While I was there the parts guy starting asking if I had any cool plans for my truck. I said "yes" (of course). So asked "like what". So I got on topic with him about the titan suspension swap on our trucks. Blown away by this, the guy wanted to see how much parts would be new, so I said "ok lets look, even tho I know it will be an arm and a leg". He started off with the typical questions, what year titan would work, 4x4, Nismo/Pro4, Big tow package,etc... I asked if it mattered, and he then said that there are quite a few different part numbers for UCA's and LCA's for the Titan. Now, I do understand how maybe there could be a difference between 4x2 vs 4x4, but other than that, which I don't even think are different, why would there be so many variations? I would have figured if there are so many different factory arms for the titan, that more people here would have run into the problem of improper fit with their arms?:confused:

If they are different, which should a guy look for?
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Frontyfan: HOLY [email protected]#K ME. I totally hear you. If its beyond your standard maintenance parts or basic parts, they have absolutly no clue! It bothers me all the time that I know more than my dealer.

Kamikaze: And that's exactly why I figured I would see what the prices would be. I am contemplating the swap in the future, too. Figured it should have just been that easy, ask for 4x4 Titan, But No.

Thanks guys.
Mike: yeah he looked it up, he even went to a different computer for a "more detailed parts listing"???? And thats what I say, if diff part number, should be for a reason!!!

Nizmut and Andrew: Yea would likely pick up some used ones, but I was just curious what new was worth. Which he pretty much quoted at like $300can per arm.
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