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Titan swap question

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Don't shoot, I did search!!! HAHAHA

Just outta curiousity:

I was at my local dealership for parts a few weeks back. While I was there the parts guy starting asking if I had any cool plans for my truck. I said "yes" (of course). So asked "like what". So I got on topic with him about the titan suspension swap on our trucks. Blown away by this, the guy wanted to see how much parts would be new, so I said "ok lets look, even tho I know it will be an arm and a leg". He started off with the typical questions, what year titan would work, 4x4, Nismo/Pro4, Big tow package,etc... I asked if it mattered, and he then said that there are quite a few different part numbers for UCA's and LCA's for the Titan. Now, I do understand how maybe there could be a difference between 4x2 vs 4x4, but other than that, which I don't even think are different, why would there be so many variations? I would have figured if there are so many different factory arms for the titan, that more people here would have run into the problem of improper fit with their arms?:confused:

If they are different, which should a guy look for?
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I hate dealerships, usually some jackass that doesn't know anything about Nissans working in the parts dept....unless its Scott from Fontana. The arms should all be the's the front diff you have to worry about if you are going to do a diff swap.

When I did my M226 swap, I was looking for the locker wiring harness, so I went to a dealer thinking they could help. WRONG. Took me 30 minutes of arguing with the parts clown and parts manager, that Frontiers came with factory electronic lockers in the Nismo/Pro-4x package, which is where I got my axle from. "Well, your new axle must have come from a Titan if you have a locker, but parts aren't interchangeable from Titans to Frontiers, one's a full size ones a mid size truck...."

I'm yet to walk into a dealership and find someone knowledgeable of anything other than ripping people off.
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