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Titan swap, need a little info..

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I've got a buddy that owns a wreck yard, he just barely got in a Titan 05 4x4.... It doesnt have too much damage, front plastics are all broke and the radiator is bent back a bit... frame and suspension parts LOOK good.

Well, I'm a photographer and the owner of the yard is just learning... I told him I'd help him out with anything photography if he lets me steel parts off the titan...

SO.. I have access to all the front suspension parts. What all can I swap out and install on my frontier? What will I achieve? .. More shock travel? Will my tires stick out the side of my truck ridiculously far? I want my truck to be more capable off road with more suspension travel than a walmart go-kart.

I know I can search for a lot of this stuff, but its hard to find a thread explaining what I can do when I ONLY have titan parts, no total chaos, prg, etc.. parts.

Thanks for any input and help.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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