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Titan swap, need a little info..

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I've got a buddy that owns a wreck yard, he just barely got in a Titan 05 4x4.... It doesnt have too much damage, front plastics are all broke and the radiator is bent back a bit... frame and suspension parts LOOK good.

Well, I'm a photographer and the owner of the yard is just learning... I told him I'd help him out with anything photography if he lets me steel parts off the titan...

SO.. I have access to all the front suspension parts. What all can I swap out and install on my frontier? What will I achieve? .. More shock travel? Will my tires stick out the side of my truck ridiculously far? I want my truck to be more capable off road with more suspension travel than a walmart go-kart.

I know I can search for a lot of this stuff, but its hard to find a thread explaining what I can do when I ONLY have titan parts, no total chaos, prg, etc.. parts.

Thanks for any input and help.
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dose the truck have the big tow package, if yes, take everything, diff, axles, upper and lower arms coil overs. you will be 3in wider in the front, look at Ben's truck it will be that wide with stock wheels.

My self i would also take the spindles and hubs along with the wheels get some spacers for the rear then call PRG for titan uppers and 3in lift coil overs
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