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I don’t actually have a Nissan Frontier but I did. I used to have one but I got hit and the truck was declared totaled. Everyone was fine but the truck was totaled. About a month before this all happened I bought a complete Titan Swap kit for my Frontier but didn’t install it because I didn’t have time and was waiting until I had a better opportunity to do it. So I had a totaled Frontier and a brand new uninstalled Titan swap kit. I was planning on getting a different Frontier but that hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will anytime soon. I am hoping to sell my titan swap kit and at least get some of my money back.

Complete Titan Swap Lift Kit for 2005 or Newer Nissan Fronier - $2475 or best offer
condition: new

The kit includes everything that you will need for the Titan swap on a 2005 or newer Nissan Frontier. It also includes the components for 3.5 inch lift on the rear of the truck to balance it out. The kit includes the highest quality parts and much of it is from PRG. PRG produces very high quality suspension components for the Nissan trucks. Also the owner is very helpful if you need any installation advice for his parts. Every part in this kit has never been installed. I never had the chance to install it and had to get rid of the truck. The Titan Swap is one of the best ways to upgrade your suspension for any use and this kit includes everything that you will need for it for a 2 wheel drive Nissan Frontier. If you have 4 wheel drive you can easily find the additional components on PRG and you will still need everything in this kit.
The kit includes:
PRG Radflo Titan swap package $1699.00
PRG 1.5" rear billet block kit $94.00
PRG Deaver 2" Frontier 2-Leaf Spring Pack $159.00
Bilstein rear 5125 Series Frontier Rear Shocks from PRG for a 3-4" lift $189.00
PRG TRX and brake line package $149.00
Alignment Cam Bolts from PRG $70.00
Nissan Titan Lower Control Arms from rockauto $90.00 (each)
Bell tech foam 2" bump stops $25.00
Total cost of all the parts: $2475.00

I am located in the Seattle area on the Olympic peninsula and would like to sell to someone in that area but I might be able to ship it to someone if I had to.

I also have a BAKflip G2 folding tonneau cover and that is used and in ok condition and I’d sell for the best offer. New they are about $890.00 and would like to sell that too.

I have used weather tech floor liners also for a crew cab truck with the Rockford fosgate audio system that sell new for $180.00 but I would take the best offer.

I basically have everything someone could want to get their Frontier started so if you just got a Frontier and want to make some upgrades or haven’t upgraded your Frontier yet I have what you need. If you buy everything I might be able to make a deal. I’ll consider most offers so just give me your best offer.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum, but sorry to hear about your Frontier. Try posting this in the classifieds area instead: Parts
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