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Titan swap coilovers

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Ok so I have a quick question about the extended coilovers needed for a titan swap. If people know parts and if u don't know don't comment the difference in a strut and shock is the spring is just around the shock and mounted around the shock making it a strut instead of it having shocks and then a separate spring like in the rear. My question is if I can find just the extended SHOCKS for the front for a titan swap the extended travel, will the stock spring be enough or would I have to go ahead and buy the extended shock with the spring around it. Again if I buy just the extended shocks for the front for a titan swap will the stock spring work or is it better to go ahead and buy it all put together. I do realize u have to have the spring compresses not an issue there just tryna save 600+ bucks when there is no need to. Any advice helps thanks
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After market springs are a little over $200.
Not sure where you got the $600+ from.
I guess I misunderstood your question.
I thought you meant if you bought extended shocks and used your stock springs you would save $600+ dollars.
What I am trying to say,if you bought extended shocks the after market springs would cost around $200 more.
Stock springs are not ground on the ends.Not sure how well it would seat with the new shocks.
Like I said,I may have still misunderstood your question.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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