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I have a tire question that you may be able to answer. I have a 2013 Crew Cab SV 2wd...when I do this I plan to do a spindle lift 6" in the front and 4 inches in the rear.

With the rim I am open to 16's through 18's. I prefer for them to stick out so from what I understand I would want a negative offset right.

16's I like to either go with 305 to 315's....the other two rims choices I'm not sure what my options are.

I heard after a certain size tire the truck has to be regeared. I plan to do that at a later for instance would 315/70/16's be heavier than 285/60/18's...Any light you can shed on this well help.
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Our trucks come with high positive offset, so yes less positive is going to stick them out, but negative would make it stick out a lot. It will also do horrible things to the scrub radius. Not necessarily important if looks is the priority, and you like the look of wheels sticking out past the body.

As for re-gearing. The 285/60/18 would be fine on the stock gears, it is a 31" tire so smaller then the Pro4X factory wheel size. The 315/70/16 is an odd size but a 315/75/16 is a 35" and would really benefit from re-gearing. If going with a 315 you will want to go with a negative offset rim so that they rub less on the frame when turning.
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