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Tire up size on OEM 18" SL rims...?

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Howdy folks - I am looking to up size my tires from the 265/60/18 stock. I was thinking of going to a 265/70/18, but would go a little bigger pending on the feedback I get here. I am not planning on messing with my suspension until I need to (like its worn out), no lift in the immediate future, but at some point maybe a small one. For right now I just want to bump the amount of rubber between the rim and road... Suggestions, Experiences - any help would be appreciated.

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I know its an old thread and not sure if youre still around but what color are these wheels?

I am going the same route as this but apparently there are 2 different color options for this rim setup. I want to do this color as i also have the night armor and i really like this color setup.
Scratching my head on the name of what you seek! Dammit. I 'think' the one you don't want is called machine finish...
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