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Tire Chopping

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Hi everyone. I have a 2016 Pro 4X and I am joining today to ask if anyone has Problems with front tires chopping because supposedly according to the dealer is a suspension problem and Nissan is telling me it's normal wear. Wear and chopped to me is different. Also had the same problem with my previous 2012 frontier. Anyone else have this problem?

Thank you
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I rotate every 2 services so about every 7000 miles. i don't fo off road with the truck . the reason I got the Pro is because the one I had before was doing the same thing and I thought the suspension of the pro would be different.
I had a sports frontier in 2012 that did he same thing. That's the reason I bought the Pro-4X thinking it would not do it. They could never fix the problem at the dealership and this one neither. And now with the off road tires in the pro4x the tire noise is ridiculous. they said its a suspension problem. Now Nissan told me its wear.
Not sure how to post pic on here to show you.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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